10 Questions to Determine Continued Effectiveness as a Teacher

Staff and teachers, we are entering our fourth week of school since the Christmas holidays. By now, the hiccups of returning back should be over…. However, there maybe some students who are having more difficulties than others. With the start of a new year, new semester, and approaching everyone’s 100th day of school, it is time to reassess our students progress, their accomplishments as well as their failures.

10 Questions to Determine Continued Effectiveness as a Teacher

Here are some questions to consider:

  1. Have you drifted away from the basics?
    The basics of a visual schedule? A reward or incentive program or even consequences? Has your classroom management become more lax? Sometimes our great intentions fade as time goes by… If any of these apply to you- you still have plenty of time for you to get back on track and in return – your students get back on track.
  2. Are you being consistent?
    Did you know the biggest secret to success is consistency!!! Are you consistent in your expectations of your students? Have you become complacent and comfortable within your classroom environment and routine? Have you found that as you and your students become more settled and familiar with the daily task, the more likely you will find your self in a rut. Often times as teachers, we diligently work to establish routines within the new environment at the beginning of the year. Have you been consistent with your expectations and routines or have you fallen into complacency as the school year has continued.
  3. Is what you’re doing working?
    Are your students seeing academic gains? Are you seeing behavioral and social skill improvements? If not why? Is it because your programming isn’t appropriate? Too difficult? Or possibly too easy and your student is bored? Does your student have opportunities to demonstrate the newly gained skills? And across multiple environments?
  4. Do you have the data you need?
    Things you need:

    • adequate data
    • documentation of PCM or other type of crisis management usage
    • documentation of data for regression/ recoupment or portfolios
  5. Does the student have a behavior plan or contract?
    A plan is just a plan if it isn’t being followed. Things to consider if you do:

    • Is it working?
    • Does it need to be updated or discontinued?
  6. Are you seeking out necessary resources?
    Pinterest is a great resource. You can easily search for activities, fresh ideas, art projects, or science experiments. Or how about functional skills for your portfolios or daily lessons? Another easy way to use Pinterest is by following others in your field. I encourage you to check out my Pinterest page or find some other great teachers who inspire you to exchange new and fresh ideas with.
  7. Where can you find assistance?
    Reach out to others when issues arise or you need assistance… You should never fight the battles alone. Any overwhelming or troubling situation can use a fresh set of eyes. Persons who are not in the middle of the situation can often have a much clearer perspective.
  8. Do you know where to find unexpected resources and assistance?
    You’re in the right place! Another great resource for you is our website. If you have not checked it out before or it has been awhile, I encourage you to take a look. www.aboveallelseservices.com Within this website you will find many articles providing beneficial information on sensory issues, autism, behaviors and much more. There’s also The Shinn Shoppe were you can find t-shirts, books, gifts, and items for your classroom.
  9. Why did you become a teacher?
    Spring is normally a very challenging time of year for you… During this time remember the WHYs of what made you become a teacher… Overall this is the bottom line. This is why you do what you do! The why’s are how you make a difference.
  10. Do you have the confidence you need?
    Above All Else… we want you to remember we think you are the greatest! You should, too!
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  1. Tonya Mason says:

    Please let me know when you have training I would like to learn more on how to help Alex more. Thanks

    • brandishinn says:

      sure will Tonya, I am not sure when the next local training will be…. We are pretty tightly scheduled for the summer…. But will keep you posted…

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