And the beat goes on…….

First let me say I am sorry I haven’t written in two weeks. Things at the Shinn’s have gotten back into the routine after the holidays and I haven’t had the time to post like I did during the holidays. Hopefully, I will be able to continue writing one a week or so since I have gotten such a great response.

Just to catch you up on the happenings, Will is feeling better and the rash is about gone. We have gone to school the last two weeks. We’ve had great days at school despite the difficult starts….. Apparently he has decided that he doesn’t like his back pack, yes, it’s the one he carried before Christmas……… We have hidden it, cried, begged, thrown it in the toilet and have beaten it on the floor to no avail….. His way of expressing “I hate this stupid book bag!!!!!”. Last Christmas he got a black backpack with a Razorback on it from Misti, Steve, Lily & Levi….. it is used as his “We are going somewhere besides school” bag….. he will take this bag, but refuses to put his communication notebk, and his PECS book in it….. So the beat goes on……. We’ve done this EVERY DAY for two weeks….. I have looked everywhere for a new backpack, who knew they were so hard to find…… Well let me restate that…. Who knew cheap ones were so hard to fine…. I’ve found Mountain climber ones, Nike athletic ones, and others but don’t want to pay $50.00 for something that may get flushed down the toilet tomorrow!!! If you find one let me know…… Remember….. He is partial to Orange and Red!!!! He still isn’t sleeping great either…. So some of those days are long!!!

Kris celebrated his birthday this week too….. Big 41!!! Can’t believe I am married to such an old man.. Haha…. I remember when my mom turned 40. I was so scared she was going to drop dead any day of old age….. Funny how now that I am there it doesn’t seem that old but like me, Kate thinks I could drop dead any day too…..

Emma has had an interesting month too, she has lost weight on fitness pal too along w kris and I. So being in 7th grade she is feeling more self confident and growing into a beautiful young lady. She is playing basketball and made the dance team!!! She was super excited. She has performed at one ballgame and did great!!! She also competed in some sort of contest, maybe for one of the tons of clubs she is in. She won the region contest for her speech and now goes to state….. She is hoping to win state since nationals are in FLORIDA…… I told her I was going as the chaperone for that trip!!!! We are very proud of her.

Kate, Ms. I don’t want to play basketball, won first place in her region free throw contest that she didn’t even want to participate in?!! She is doing well in school and continues to be our little comedian bringing such joy. She got a cupcake maker for Christmas via my Mom & Dad so we are about cupcaked out……

Me….. I’m super busy as all. Duck Duck Goose is coming up so I have been getting my stuff ready for the sale. I am already scheduling workshops this summer and scheduling observations so I too have been busy …..

Just wanted to touch base and let you know we are still here and the beat goes on…….

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