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Crushed Cracker Pork Cutlets

  Crushed Cracker Pork Cutlets Ingredients 1 pound pork tenderloin 1 egg, beaten 1 Tbs A.1. Steak Sauce 1 tsp garlic powder 1 cup Blue Diamond® Nut-Thins Cheddar Cheese, finely … [Read more...]

Tacos with Black Rice Burger & Zesty Slaw

Tacos with Black Rice Burger & Zesty Slaw Ingredients 1 package Hilary's Eat Well Black Rice Burgers 1 Tbs chili powder 1 tsp cumin, ground 3 Tbs water 4 taco shells ½ cabbage … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Sensory Play

We had so much fun with sensory play this week. We made apple pie oobleck! It's really easy and so much fun. It only takes three simple ingedients: applesauce cornstarch cinnamon (optional, we … [Read more...]

Slow Cooked Corn Beef in Beer

Slow Cooked Corned Beef in Beer Ingredients 2 (3 pound) gluten free corned beef briskets with spice packets 2 bottles Redbridge beer 2 bay leaves ¼ cup peppercorns 1 bulb garlic cloves, … [Read more...]

Shinn Shoppe–Safety Bracelet

Wandering is one of the very frightening things that autism parents (and also parents of children with other special needs) have to worry about.  There are few things scarier than thinking of what all … [Read more...]

Dear couple who befriended my child with autism

Dear couple at the restaurant who befriended my child with autism,   You will never fully understand how your kindness towards myself and my son Will melted my heart. Anytime my family and I are in … [Read more...]

Halloween Play Dough Fun

Pictured above is a Halloween invitation to play I created with play dough and other fun items. I love homemade play dough and here is the recipe I used for this play dough: •two 3 oz boxes of … [Read more...]

I love Candy Quote

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Six foot tall & 220lbs…. Is this a trick or a treat? What you need to know

Six foot tall & 22o lbs In the very near future you will be greated by the smallest of teenage mutant ninja turtles, the prettiest of princess' and animals galore. You may even be lucky enough to … [Read more...]