Autism Mamma Fail #2

I’m not sure if this field trip is ever gonna end…

I finally convince him that it isn’t our car, he sees the license, notices the McDonald’s wrappers are not in the floor board, and that his special olympics medals are not hanging from the window…so then he calmly walks away like nothing ever happened…………..

We re-enter the mall as I pray no one called the “mall cop” to come and arrest us. We get back to the rest of the party and he sits down for about 10 minutes, he is then ready to go again…I convince him that if he sits down for 5 more minutes we will go ride the electric motorcycle thing, you know the one. It’s the rip off that you pay .75 cents for 1 minute…that he is three times too big for…and we wait in line with other 2 and 3 year olds…yeah, that is the one. Well I am such a good mama, I put at least $5.00 in the sucker and would have continued to keep putting quarter’s in it just to let me rest for a few more minutes.

the mall motorcycle

Failure #2
Mama- 3 Autism- 2

You just thought this was the end…see ya tomorrow for the conclusion of the field trip…and to see who will win out. Mama or Autism. 😉

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