Autism & Social Skills to Target

One of the core characteristics of Autism is a lack of social skills. Although this is a true deficit, social skills can be learned by those on the spectrum if properly taught.

Autism & Social Skills to Target

Below is the list of social skills that should be addressed with ALL students on the spectrum. Social skills can begin being taught in the home at an early age and carried out throughout school age and adulthood.

Social Skills to Target

* Following Instructions
* Accepting criticism or a consequence
* Accepting “NO” as an answer
* Getting the teachers attention
* Making a request
* Waiting in line
* Dealing with anger in appropriate ways
* Requesting wants and needs

Social Interaction Skills to Target

* Sharing materials and toys
* Parallel play
* Play with turn taking
* Playing board games
* Accepting you can’t always win

Social Interactions with Communication Skills

* Turn Taking and topic maintenance in social talk
* Looking and listening to others when they are speaking
* Greeting people
* Saying “Thank You”
* Giving and receiving compliments
* Saying “Excuse Me”
* Apologizing

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