Book Review: Autism And Falling In Love

“Autism and Falling in Love”

By: Kerry Magro

I recently finished reading “Autism and Falling in Love.”, available in paperback, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  Kerry Magro, the book’s author, is a young adult on the autism spectrum.  This book is an open and honest account of falling in love and then losing the relationship.  I admire his courage in this–it couldn’t have been an easy book to write.  He ultimately gives his readers a look into what’s going on inside his head; and more importantly, his heart.  He speaks candidly about his relationship and what he went through as it ended.  Kerry also looks toward the future, and takes a long, hard look at himself to see what he needs to do in order to become a better partner.  How much better would the world be if EVERYONE was bold enough to ask themselves these hard questions?!?  This book is easy to relate to no matter what stage of life you are in–single, married, parent–I feel that you will get a fresh perspective from Kerry’s words.  I’ve been out of “the dating game” for quite awhile myself, yet as I read this I found myself wondering what I could do to be a better spouse.  Relationships are tricky, no matter who you are.  Throw autism into the mix and things are bound to be complicated.  Kerry gives insight into this beautiful, messy world of relationships.  Even though things don’t always turn out like we hoped, there is hope for a bright future.  Whomever Kerry finds himself with, she will be a very lucky lady.

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Check the book out by purchasing it through this link, then make sure to come back and let us know what you thought.

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