Book Review: Special Strength For Special Parents



I recently picked up a copy of Special Strength for Special Parents by Nina Fuller. Let me start out by saying this book is very different than most of the books I read that relate to special needs. This book will not provide information on the latest therapy for your child. It’s not a “how-to” manual on how to address behavior or a special diet cookbook. It’s actually a devotional book!  Obviously, I love reading books about dealing with special needs and I also love devotional books but  until recently I had no idea that a book combining those two things existed. This book is therapy for ME!!! (On the cover it is described as spiritual therapy for parents of children with special needs. So true!)

The book is divided into 31 portions, with the intention of one being read daily. Unless you get as excited about this book as I did, and jump ahead and read several days at once!  Each day consists of some Bible verses and reflection on those verses, some questions about how the passage relates to your life, and a story by a parent of child with special needs.

I loved the way it was laid out and the positive message it provided. ALL children are a gift from God and they are all fearfully and wonderfully made. I would highly recommend this book!


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