What I Wish The World Knew…

*This post was originally published in 2012 under the title "Dear Society... I Need You To Know..."  It seemed to resonate with many people, and we wanted to share in again in honor of Autism … [Read more...]

Autism Acceptance T-Shirt

We love autism awareness/acceptance products.  When we are out and about for dr's appointments, family outings, etc. I like to dress my son in an autism shirt, and his dad and I sometimes sport them … [Read more...]

Free Apps Part 2!!!

Here are some more free apps!  Get them while you can. Discovering Emotions with Zeely - Educational Tool for Learning Emotions - https://appsto.re/i6Lx2zT Give Me 5!!!!! Social Skills - … [Read more...]

We Win: A Book Review

  I thoroughly enjoyed reading "We Win" by Kris Shinn.  I wish every doctor's office had a copy of it to give away to parents of children diagnosed with autism.  I think it would be a way to … [Read more...]

Autism Sibling Quote

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Autism Acceptance: All I needed was a CHANCE…..

In preparation of Autism Awareness Month, I have created a video full of experiences, opportunities, and memories that we have created, shared and often agonized over.... Not to mention the prayers … [Read more...]

New Autism Tshirts…..

Introducing our newest design....   Just in time for Autism Awareness Month in April..... Show your support for the Autism Community by proudly wearing your tshirt.... Adult and Youth Sizes … [Read more...]

We Win!

The books are in!  We are so excited to share this news with you.  If you haven't yet ordered your copy, you can do that now at … [Read more...]

Autism: What have we LEARNED???

  Disclaimer:  This blog contains research and information provided by Autism Speaks. However, I am not a representative of them or their organization.  The information shared is based on … [Read more...]

This Child WILL NOT STOP CHEWING…. part 1

  Help!! This Kid (student) will NOT STOP CHEWING... As a behavior and autism specialist, I work with children of all ages...  Some have disabilities and some do not....  But one common thread I see … [Read more...]