Autism Mamma Fail #1

We found it! Build a Bear! We've been on this field trip for what feels like a week and a half ;) If you missed the begining, start HERE. Build a was quite an experience all in itself. We … [Read more...]

The Field Trip (continued)

Welcome back! In case you missed last week, I shared the 1st half of "field trip day" in a three part series...the successes. You might wanna check it out before you hear the failures ;) After the … [Read more...]

Autism Mamma Success #3

So we already talked about selecting the perfect outfit and then surviving the drop off, now we will move on to the actual trip. After the bus got lost several times in downtown LR, we finally made … [Read more...]

Autism Mamma Success #2

Yesterday I shared with you about why a rainy day can create such a detriment for those with autism or sensory needs. Today I want to continue sharing just one of ours... We get to school and like … [Read more...]

Autism Mamma Success #1

Before I created the Above All Else Services website, I had a blog titled "marriage, makeup, meltdowns, and the maniac".... Although these post are available in the archives of the website, many … [Read more...]

"…that is because he is autistic, not because he is BLUE!" {part 4}

Shortly after Will's proud statement, "I do it mamma, I do it!", we saw his presentation of his newest artwork, then we worked hard to remove his smurf-esk hue so we could head out to dinner... Kate, … [Read more...]

"OH MY GOSH, he is BLUE…" {part 3}

We started this story with a simple “I do it mama, I do it…” on Monday and moved through SHARPIE on Tuesday. After an awkward conversation with the pharmacy we headed to the bath... I begin … [Read more...]

My Very Own Reject from Avatar {part 2}

Yesterday I shared with you how Will announced to me, “I do it mama, I do it…” But much to my surprise...  the proud little boy I turned to find was...BLUE!  YES, I said blue...   Apparently while he … [Read more...]

“I do it, mama! I do it!” {part 1}

Several years ago during the Christmas holidays, the kids were all doing their own thing in their rooms. The girls were laying in their beds watching TV and Will was in his room...  I could hear his … [Read more...]


For those of you who know me and know me well, are NOT going to be shocked by this piece of information in any way.... Although in recent years I have gotten much better at being accident free, I am … [Read more...]