Last Chance Tshirts

Don't Miss it..... This is your LAST CHANCE We WILL NOT be reordering any of these designs Autism Acceptance Tshirts Long Sleeve: Small, Large, XLarge, 2X, 3X $22.00 … [Read more...]

We Connect Now

The We Connect Now website was created while a college student with a grant to create a website to serve college students with disabilities. Gabriela McCall Delgado developed the website to connect … [Read more...]

Create a Safer Home Environment for Special Needs Children

When a family receives a diagnosis of autism, it comes with a huge list of things to do, items to mark off your list and making adjustments to your home often becomes the last thing on your priority … [Read more...]

8 Steps to help Children understand Disabilities

As a former special education teacher, a mom, and an autism and behavioral specialist, I understand how vital it is for all children to understand disabilities and diverse needs. Although most parents … [Read more...]

20 Manners to Teach Children with Special Needs

In recent weeks, especially those leading up to the holidays, the post 25 Manners Every Kid Should Know by age 9 from 2011's has flooded every social media outlet possible. It struck … [Read more...]

Autism & Social Skills to Target

One of the core characteristics of Autism is a lack of social skills. Although this is a true deficit, social skills can be learned by those on the spectrum if properly taught. Below is the … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for Special Needs Children

Yesterday, we talked about the difficulties that may arise during the holidays when trying to find a gift for those you love who have special needs. Homemade gifts were the focus of yesterday's post … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk GIFTS for Special Needs Children

The holidays are quickly approaching and if your family is like mine, you have already begin checking off things on your list, grandparents have already contacted you for sizes, wants and needs... But … [Read more...]

Special Needs Children: Helpful Hints for a Happy Halloween

Halloween is just upon us.  We will be flooded with decorations, excessive amounts of spooky decorations, candy corn, and costumes.  Many children with special needs, especially those with Autism DO … [Read more...]

Don’t Judge

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