When the Dust Settles…….

Thursday evening was spent frantically trying to reach my brother. Sending texts, calling and contacting others in search of his whereabouts, status and safety.  Because my brother, he is a … [Read more...]

“That kid” is MY kid & I am thankful……

  "That Kid" is MY kid & I am thankful...... Several weeks ago I came across a post on Facebook that caught my eye.........  It was written from a teacher's point of view and as a former … [Read more...]

All In God’s Plan

  All in God's Plan Psalms 40:5 Many, Lord my God, are the wonder you have done, the things you planned for us. None can compare with you; were I speak and tell of your deeds, they … [Read more...]

The REAL me…..When nobody is watching.!!!

  Dear Jesus, Each day seems so big while I feel so little. My heart and soul are suffocating with the weight and worries of this world. My shoulders are crumbling under the pressure from … [Read more...]

Part 4: Recouping, Resting, & Reflecting

This months journey has become a much different experience than I had prepared myself for. I had prepared myself for the worst; lots of emotions, pain, and suffering in addition to being unable to … [Read more...]

Surgery, Snow and Strangers

Weeks have passed since I shared One in a Million and Bye Bye Baby so some of you might be wondering how things are going since my surgery. The night before surgery, the weather forecast was for … [Read more...]

Part 2: Bye Bye Baby…….

In case you missed yesterdays post, head over to read Part 1: One in A Million. Part 2: Bye Bye Baby is a post in the "just me" category. But here is your warning... It's not an educational posts.... … [Read more...]

Part 1: One in a Million

This blog entry is one of those -just me- ones.... So here we go... Throughout my entire teenage, young adult and adulthood years, I have fought endometriosis, polysystic ovarian disease and was … [Read more...]

Out of the mouths of babes

Many years ago, when Kate was little, she hated to go to bed. This isn't uncommon for many kids I know. But for those of you who know Kate, will easily be able to picture in your mind this event. From … [Read more...]

When Desperation Overpowers Desire

In September,  a Michigan mom, Kelli Stapleton attempted to kill herself and her 14 year old daughter with autism. As a nation, we stood by in disbelief watching the news reports wondering how ANY … [Read more...]