When Desperation Overpowers Desire

In September,  a Michigan mom, Kelli Stapleton attempted to kill herself and her 14 year old daughter with autism. As a nation, we stood by in disbelief watching the news reports wondering how ANY … [Read more...]

Gone a little Cray Cray as they say…..

Ive had many asking why I haven't posted any personal stories or info in awhile so I wanted to share with you the going on's in the Shinn household and with Above All Else Services.... For starters … [Read more...]

Don’t Judge

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Here's to every mother…

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And We have a Winner…..

Will is very fortunate to be in a school district that actively participates in Special Olympics of Arkansas. I am amazed and saddened by the number of schools who do not. Although I do understand to … [Read more...]

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!! … [Read more...]

Autism Mamma Fail #3

Welcome to the finale of the field trip. We return back to the group who it seems took FOREVER to eat and I again bribe him to sit down. This time, giving him the remaining bag of lemon heads, … [Read more...]

Autism Mamma Success #2

Yesterday I shared with you about why a rainy day can create such a detriment for those with autism or sensory needs. Today I want to continue sharing just one of ours... We get to school and like … [Read more...]

Autism Mamma Success #1

Before I created the Above All Else Services website, I had a blog titled "marriage, makeup, meltdowns, and the maniac".... Although these post are available in the archives of the website, many … [Read more...]

It wasn’t me…..

Do you ever feel like you could be the best at everything.... Be the superwoman you want to be if certain things didn't get in the way??? I'm sure if you are a woman of any age you are shaking your … [Read more...]