International Day of Prayer for those with Autism & Aspergers

Tomorrow, Sunday, February 9, 2014 is recognized as the International Day of Prayer for those with Autism and Aspergers. Our family is asking each of you to observe this day of prayer by standing … [Read more...]

Still No Room

Sorry, we are all out of rooms! But, my wife is with child and will soon give birth and we are so far from home! I am sorry but WE DO NOT HAVE ROOM Sound familiar? If you are cognizant of the … [Read more...]

OSM 2013 Year in Review

The year 2013 was OSM’s first full year actively helping churches around the region. The mission is still there and God is still asking us to go to help those that are seeking to do His will. The … [Read more...]

FYI: He is still leaving the 99 to go search for the 1!

This is a very interesting time in our world today. There are new statistics out  that now that say 1 on 50 children will have a diagnosis of autism. Not to  mention the countless other so called … [Read more...]