Something Magical Quote

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Dear couple who befriended my child with autism

Dear couple at the restaurant who befriended my child with autism,   You will never fully understand how your kindness towards myself and my son Will melted my heart. Anytime my family and I are in … [Read more...]

Fall 2015 Social Skills Class

When attending social gatherings do you find that your child lacks social skills compared to their same age peers?? Do you often find them left alone in social situations because of their lack of … [Read more...]

Safety Tips

Here are some very important things to be mindful of!  Hope ya'll find this helpful. … [Read more...]

What I Wish The World Knew…

*This post was originally published in 2012 under the title "Dear Society... I Need You To Know..."  It seemed to resonate with many people, and we wanted to share in again in honor of Autism … [Read more...]

Free Apps Part 2!!!

Here are some more free apps!  Get them while you can. Discovering Emotions with Zeely - Educational Tool for Learning Emotions - Give Me 5!!!!! Social Skills - … [Read more...]

Autism Acceptance: All I needed was a CHANCE…..

In preparation of Autism Awareness Month, I have created a video full of experiences, opportunities, and memories that we have created, shared and often agonized over.... Not to mention the prayers … [Read more...]

Free Apps for Limited Time!

We at Above All Else, Inc. love sharing good ideas, stories and resources!! So today we are passing along these little jewels.... As with the other apps we have shared in the past, these are for … [Read more...]

This little thing called HOPE….

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When Death & Autism Collide

  When Death & Autism Collide Although death is part of life, it is not a topic that is discussed often. The loss of a loved one is difficult at any time but the loss of the young is … [Read more...]