We Win: A Father’s Journey through Autism

  Have you heard the good news..... Did you know..... You have the opportunity to get your very own autographed book by Will Shinn..... (if ordered by January 16,2015 On behalf of Above … [Read more...]

10 Steps in Avoiding Holiday Upsets in Children

10 Steps in Avoiding Holiday Upsets in Children  The holiday season is upon us, and for those of us who have a child with a disability, suffers from anxiety or sensory sensitivities it can be … [Read more...]

What Asperger’s Students wish you knew

As part of my job title as an Autism Specialist, I work with many Asperger students as well.  Most of them are very well advanced academically, can function on their own, and look "normal" .  Their … [Read more...]

“That kid” is MY kid & I am thankful……

  "That Kid" is MY kid & I am thankful...... Several weeks ago I came across a post on Facebook that caught my eye.........  It was written from a teacher's point of view and as a former … [Read more...]

A-Camp November Newsletter

               Check out the November Newsletter!!!  Will Shinn the super star!!!!The newsletter shares great information, a parent's perspective written by Kris and Brandi, and the impact Will has … [Read more...]

7 Time Change Strategies…..

I realized this week that we gain an extra hour of sleep next weekend as we fall back into daylight savings time.  I couldn't be more excited as a working adult.  However, when you are a parent it … [Read more...]

How to be a Good Friend to the Special Needs Mom

Becoming a mom can come in many ways; natural birth, adoption, citizenship, blended families, and even through more unconventional means. But most moms would agree the means of getting there didnt … [Read more...]

Discount on Temple Grandin Event

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Last Chance Tshirts

Don't Miss it..... This is your LAST CHANCE We WILL NOT be reordering any of these designs Autism Acceptance Tshirts Long Sleeve: Small, Large, XLarge, 2X, 3X $22.00 … [Read more...]

Backpack Basics: 5 Tips for a Spine-Friendly School Year

by Jessica Dziurkowski, D.C. More than 79 million students in the United States carry backpacks. And, unfortunately, many of them are carrying backpacks that are too heavy or they are carrying them … [Read more...]