Pumpkin Play Clay

Looking for a fun activity to keep the kiddos entertained during Thanksgiving break?  Here is a good one!  Sensory activities are important for all children, but they can be especially helpful and … [Read more...]

Helpful Halloween Hints for the Special Needs Child

In light of the Halloween season is upon us, I crept into the archives of the web known as past blog entries.... This entry is updated with new information and updated links...... We are flooded … [Read more...]

What NOT to say to a Sensory Kid (or their parents)

Sensory Processing Disorder (formerly known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction) and other sensory issues are rising each day. In any given classroom, students can be found exhibiting challenging … [Read more...]

Signs & Symptoms of Sensory Deficits

Did you know that 70% of our population has some sort of sensory issue? Perhaps you are one of them... Do you not like coconut because of the way it feels in your mouth? What about the feeling of … [Read more...]

Sensory Smart Snacks

We all know that what we eat is very important to our health. Often times our eating habits can make or break us. Our children are no different; their eating habits can also be very beneficial … [Read more...]

Quick Ways to Conquer the Sensory Beast

Tuesday June 25, 2013 Up to 30% of all students and/or children are affected by Sensory Integration issues. Such issues can cause students to avoid or appear fearful of particular activities, appear … [Read more...]