Book Review: Special Strength For Special Parents

  I recently picked up a copy of Special Strength for Special Parents by Nina Fuller. Let me start out by saying this book is very different than most of the books I read that relate to … [Read more...]

Book Review: The Verbal Behavior Approach

The book The Verbal Behavior Approach by Mary Lynch Barbera was actually given to me by a member of my son's team when he started kindergarten. I was very excited to get it and thought it was so kind … [Read more...]

Book Review: Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew

The book "Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew" is written by Ellen Notbolm, who is an autism mom. This book is very compassionately and beautifully written. I like how her list of ten … [Read more...]

We Win: A Book Review

  I thoroughly enjoyed reading "We Win" by Kris Shinn.  I wish every doctor's office had a copy of it to give away to parents of children diagnosed with autism.  I think it would be a way to … [Read more...]

Book Review: The Out of Sync Child

The Out of Synch Child by Carol Stock Kranowitz is a book that explains what Sensory Integration Dysfunction is and how to deal with it.  It is a very practical book full of good coping mechanisms … [Read more...]

Book Review: Autism And Falling In Love

"Autism and Falling in Love" By: Kerry Magro I recently finished reading "Autism and Falling in Love.", available in paperback, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  Kerry Magro, the book's author, … [Read more...]

We Win: A Father’s Journey through Autism

  Have you heard the good news..... Did you know..... You have the opportunity to get your very own autographed book by Will Shinn..... (if ordered by January 16,2015 On behalf of Above … [Read more...]

Interview With Kerry Magro Regarding His Upcoming Book!

National Speaker with Autism Talks ‘Falling In Love’ in New Book Kerry Magro is an award winning national speaker who is on the autism spectrum. Kerry in July 2013 came out with his debut book … [Read more...]

Kerry Magro’s ‘Defining Autism From The Heart’

  Defining Autism From The Heart is a book written by Kerry Magro, a young man who was diagnosed with autism at the age of four.  Since then, he has become a national speaker, received a … [Read more...]

1001 Great Ideas for Teaching or Raising Children with Autism or Aspergers

1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism or Asperger's Silver Award Winner in the 2010 Independent Publisher Book Awards!  Winner of Learning Magazine's Teachers’ Choice … [Read more...]