Color Coded CAPS

If your family is like mine, you have a kitchen cabinet or bathroom drawer full of prescription meds.  Having a five person household including a child with severe allergies, another one with autism and then a crazy mama; we have plenty of meds….  LOL…..  On more than one occasion I have either almost taken someone else medicines thinking they were my own, or tried giving one to the kids before realizing I had the wrong medicine for the wrong kid… Surely I am not alone….  So to decrease the chances of my husband taking my hormones, or my ten year old taking the sleep meds, I came up with this system…..

Color Coded Caps color coded caps

Each person in our house has a color assignment…….  When we get a script filled we color the lid according to the person’s color, and since we love sharpie’s so much (if you haven’t read Little Boy Blue you should) we use sharpies to color them …  That way, you know at least which medications belong to you or which child by the color coding..  Cause sometimes when you are in a hurry, Kris Shinn and Kate Shinn can look an awful lot alike you know… Especially when it is dark, or first thing in the morning etc….  So this has been a great strategy for us….  My kids are old enough now too that they can take their own meds and it has given all of us a much needed sigh of relief knowing that they are much more likely to take the correct meds… In the past we each had our own shelf, or our own location for storing…. But inevitably someone would put their medicine on the wrong shelf, or it would fall out when the cabinet door was opened only to be replaced in the wrong section…  And vacations… that was a nightmare… We couldn’t’ take our shelves with us… so the color coding has worked great….

The first thing you need to do is assign everyone a color, or let them choose….  I would first make sure you have those color sharpies or color system you are going to use….  Hot Pink isn’t the easiest to find, trust me….  Been there….  Pen will not work.. It has to be something that is permanent…..  I had also at one time attempted to use the colored duck tape… this worked, but you couldn’t just eye it from the cabinet door…. If you had the tape on the top, you couldn’t see when looking into the cabinet….. If you put the strip of tape around the bottle, it covered up the name, the directions and the dosage, which isn’t good either…..  So the sharpie worked best for us, but if you can come up with a better system go for it…..  The whole point is to do what works best for you and your family to make things more convenient and safe!!!!!

Happy Coding!  If your kids are like mine, that will be the most difficult…. Fighting over who gets what color!!!  LOL

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