Fall 2015 Social Skills Class

is your childWhen attending social gatherings do you find that your child lacks social skills compared to their same age peers?? Do you often find them left alone in social situations because of their lack of appropriate communication skills?  Or do you find that they are often bullied by others because of their lack of confidence to stand up for themselves?  

If you said yes, You are NOT ALONE…. Many kids do….

And the good news is that your child can be taught the skills needed to make friends, to find a peer group that is accepting of their quirks, disability, or wavering social skills.  We at Above All Else strive to make a difference in the lives of ALL children….  It is our mission to teach all children the skills needed to be happy and successful in this thing we call life……  

If you live in the Central Arkansas area we have just the thing for you…….

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