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limited time

We at Above All Else, Inc. love sharing good ideas, stories and resources!! So today we are passing along these little jewels…. 

As with the other apps we have shared in the past, these are for a limited time!! The deadline? We never know…..  Its left up to those who allowed it to go free…. So be warned the free status can end at anytime. So be safe…. If interested download- then…. Review and if you dont like or it isnt what you need or wanted delete…… Its as simple as that…..

Some of the apps are for IPhone and IPad while others are just for the IPAD.  It will tell you when you go to download. 

Toca Hair Salon –

Behavior Buddy –

WriteReader – Children learn to write and read by authoring books – 

Writing Cats –

Letter Cats –
ASD Tools – 

Task Timer for Kids – visual countdown for preschool children –
YouTube Kids –

EYT Child Self-Regulation & Behaviour Questionnaire (CSBQ) –

ASL kids: fun in signing –

Baby learns body parts—BabyBus –

Thanks Again to Mark Coppin from the for sharing these! 

Thanks again for reading! And please share our page with others and follow our blog as to not miss out on other great freebies such as these!!! 


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