Free Apps & Resources for ASD & Special Needs

Above All Else wants to pass along as many resources and information as possible- especially the free kind!!!! These free apps are time sensitive so do not delay!!! Remember to download as soon as possible!!! Then if not suitable or age appropriate you can always delete!

Mr. Coppin also shared two other resources for you, his updated App Wheel for ASD to version 3.
Here is the link –

Also available is an App Wheel for Apps to Support a Successful Transition. It is found here:

Other FREE apps include:


ArtikPix LevelsArtikPixLevels

First Grade Math Greenbutton – First Grade Math Greenbutton

First NounsFirst Nouns

FX Math SolverFX Math Solver

Please Take My PicturePlease Take My Picture


Be On Air ProBe On Air Pro

Graciously shared by:
Mark Coppin, MS
Assistive Technology Director
Anne Carlsen Center

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