If the Shoe Fits & the Broom Flies…..

When my kiddos were little we didn’t do much decorating for Halloween holiday…. Having a son with autism and two girls who visit every other weekend does not entice someone to go into decorating mode…. I also didn’t want my kids misunderstanding Halloween….. It can be an ugly holiday full of death, and devilish things or family friendly things like CANDY…… funny looking witches…. owls…… and CANDY…. DID I mention the CANDY?????

Now that my kids are older (15,13,12) they understand the concept of Halloween, we have gradually begin to decorate little by little. We wanted to share with you our great decorations for the 2014 Halloween Season. Now remember this WAS NOT a one time go buy everything new event. It was a buy a little here and there…. at Goodwill, Saver’s or other flea market resale type stores…. Some items we found items at yard sales and some I got after the holiday season when things were marked down like 70% or more…… Or the Dollar Tree….. Some of the decor my girls found the idea on Pinterest and then we created it….. Using materials we already had or came up with ourselves……

The biggest hurdle is remembering to look for items after the season storing them and then remembering where they are when the season finally arrives… It is however the highlight of decorating when you open boxes or bags to see all the goodies you forgot you had…..

Our mantle…. I love it, the big rocks, and width of the mantle itself allows for lots stuff……. which is perfect for decorating…. The candle sticks we found at a variety of places and all at different times……, the white candles left over decor from Kris and I’s wedding… (yes, I know that was 10 years ago) the purple owl was a $1.00 at Dollar General….. the Happy Halloween was from Hobby Lobby I think at last years big markdown…. (notice how the colors of the owl and it are a total match……) the little witches hat on top of the wording was purchased this year at Dollar Tree for a $1.00. The big witches hat we found at Goodwill during the summer two years ago…. (someone had obviously cleaned out their attic, closet, or garage)….. The awesome ribbon on the witches hat… Yardsale…. I hot glued it to the hat….. The garland on the front big lots…again marked down after or possible right before Halloween sale last year….

and the grand finale……. The centerpiece….. It was the mirror that was in the bathroom at my office. We took it down when we redecorated the office. I kept it because well I am a pack rat but I just knew I would figure out something to do with it…… A vinyl witch design and I put it on myself, with a little help from Kris. (after we had the biggest fight on the placement of the witch on the mirror) The feather boa was left over from Emma and Kate’s dress up days…..

TADA there you have it…. A mantle that is now complete after several years of collecting…… What do you think???


The girls ideas we gleaned from Pinterest??


Yes- I painted that!!! I was pretty impressed with myself….

Here was Kate’s finding…. With help from her Dad in hanging it turned out great!!!


Emma’s creation with a little help from me in making the tutu and Kate in making the broom…..


Here are the other great creations.. Feel free to ask questions if you want to know how we made it or where we got it!!!

My friend made me this… It even lights up…. Is it not just preeeshhhh….


A greeting card in a $1.00 frame…. And feathers…… cause feathers always make things better… Lol


Other Living Room decor……








Our Entry Hall is ghostly….



Yes, we even decorate the Kitchen to some degree…. I know I am nuts… be it sure makes cooking more delightful!


The Dining Room table


That concludes are witchy wonderland…. May you find great bargains where ever you go and candy to make the trip more enjoyable….. Have a HAPPY Halloween……. Brandi

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