Kerry Magro’s ‘Defining Autism From The Heart’


Defining Autism From The Heart is a book written by Kerry Magro, a young man who was diagnosed with autism at the age of four.  Since then, he has become a national speaker, received a master’s degree and gained employment with Autism Speaks.  In this book he tells his story in his own words, and it is absolutely a breath of fresh air.  Though my heart hurt to read of his struggles, I was filled with joy as I read about him overcoming obstacle after obstacle.

I loved the fact that his mother wrote the introduction to this book.  It was fascinating to compare the mother/son perspectives. It was nice to get such an “insiders look” into the life of someone living with autism. So many families dealing with autism (myself included!)  struggle to communicate with our children and I loved hearing Kerry articulate his thoughts and feelings.

This book resounds with the message of hope and serves as an important reminder to never give up.  Thank you Kerry for all that you do to advocate for yourself as well as others on the autism spectrum and their families.  Our hope is not in vain!  This book provided not only a look into the mind of autism, but into it’s very heart.

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