New Meaning for “Morning Happy Hour”

Some times I think we get so exhausted that things happen as though we are having an outer body experience. Here is one of mine…SONIC & VODKA

6AM on a normal weekday morning on my way to work-

Sonic: Good Morning, what can I get you?

Me: I need a Route 44 water with extra ice, extra lemon, and a shot of vodka.

Sonic: I’m sorry ma’am, we don’t have that.

Me: Yes, yes you do. I get one almost everyday. As a matter of fact I just got one last night.

Sonic: I’m sorry ma’am, we don’t serve that here.

Me: Just get me a manager please. This is ridiculous!!

Sonic: I’m sorry, our manager doesn’t come in until 6:30am.

Sonic: Perhaps you would like to try one of our flavorings??

Me: Yes, isn’t that what white coconut is? A flavoring??

Sonic: (trying to stifle their laughter) Yes ma’am, but you didn’t order white coconut…

Me: I didn’t???? What did I order?

Sonic: You ordered a Route 44 water with extra ice, extra lemon and a shot of vodka…… (Then the entire place burst into laughter.)

I was in the drive thru and had to pull to the window…. As they all hang out the window to laugh at the crazy girl who orders alcohol at 6am at the Sonic!! And it was my hometown Sonic… They recognized my voice for months and would always ask after I ordered, would you like a shot of vodka with your order or how about some rum or Whisky?? Oh yea they had fun with that one!!!

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