Orange Shirt Ministries

Orange Shirt Ministries is a department within Above All Else that focuses on bridging the gap between church leadership, staff, members and volunteers and the special needs population and their families. There is a growing mission field within each of our communities across the world who feel isolated and rejected and who are seeking solace from those who care. As a church and community should we not reach those who need us the most.

OSM’s mission is to teach and guide those who are willing to reach out to the special needs population and their families. OSM would be honored to speak at breakfast meetings, hold special conferences, speak to congregations on Wednesday night services, ladies bible studies, Men’s prayer meetings, Sunday School classes, or Sunday morning services as a special guest. We also speak at civic meetings, community outreaches, and other neighborhood events.

Our goal is to help inform and train those who wish to be involved within this special ministry helping children and their families find solace and acceptance within their church and in their communities.

Prophetic Word Feb 2013

Kris Shinn
(501) 412-3343


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