OSM 2013 Year in Review

The year 2013 was OSM’s first full year actively helping churches around the region. The mission is still there and God is still asking us to go to help those that are seeking to do His will. The numbers of families with special needs children is growing everyday and the need for the church to respond in helping them foster a relationship with God is more vital than ever.

OSM was founded as a non-denominational ministry crossing all denominational boundaries in an effort to reach those who are in the special needs community. We have been in talks with and have met with several churches in regards to how we can assist them. We have been in a variety of denominations from Southern Baptist, Methodist, Assembly of God and Non Denominational Churches.

In October, we were invited to speak at The 2013 Empowerment Conference in Houston, TX, hosted by CT Church, pastored by Don and Susan Nordin. During the conference we conducted several breakout sessions in addition to meeting Pastors, Youth Pastors and Children’s Pastors from over 10 states. This allowed us the opportunity to share the mission of Orange Shirt Ministries with many people.

The conference was just what we needed to lift our spirits, provide us with some much needed time away and allowed us to experience the fullness of God’s power as well as the opportunity to fellowship with believers. We anticipate working with several of the churches in 2014, including the host church. OSM is excited to share that we have already been invited back to this conference in October 2014.

Our personal family attends New Life Church in Conway, AR. In recent weeks we have been meeting with the leadership setting goals for new adventures involving special needs families and children starting in the home church of Conway. As plans are being made and thoughts are being brought to life as we enter 2014 and we look forward to what they bring to the Conway Campus as well as to some of the other NLC Campuses in Arkansas.

Orange Shirt Ministries could not complete our calling without God’s direction, our prayer warriors and our financial supporters. We praise God everyday for believing in us to do his work, and for calling you to support this work in prayer and giving.

Our vision is clear, our hearts our full and we plan to go forward with the amazing task of assisting churches in 2014. OSM will be working and standing with them as they strive to reach the special needs population and their families within their communities.

Please continue to remember Orange Shirt Ministries in your prayers and if you are looking for a nonprofit organization to support financially, we would love your support. Any amount is one more child, one more soul that can be reached. Financial support can be given by clicking the Donate Now button on the Orange Shirt Ministries page on the website, or by using the ID orangshirtministries@yahoo.com on paypal, or by sending a check or money order to Orange Shirt Ministries, PO Box 692, Greenbrier, AR 72058.

The year 2014 is going to be amazing and we are so blessed to be a part of His plan and would be very blessed if you joined us. If you would be interested in starting a special needs ministry and need ideas, plans, or help setting goals, please contact Kris Shinn at kris@aboveallelseservices.com or by calling 501-412-3343 for more information.

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