Our Team

Kris and Brandi have a passion for children with special needs, their families and those responsible for their education.  They see their business Above All Else as their calling not just their jobs.  It is personal;they live the special needs life everyday- day in and day out due to their 15 year old son having moderate-severe Autism.  They know how it feels to receive such a damning diagnosis, to have the feelings of despair, and isolation.  Their goal is that no family ever loses hope.

Brandi is the oldest of seven children and was raised in a home where her parents served as therapeutic foster parents.  Five of her siblings are adopted through the foster care system. Because of this upbringing she can bonds and reach children or adults that many have deemed “unreachable”.

Kris was the youngest of two and was raised in the “All American” family, was an All American Track & Field Star and loves all sports.  Although Kris and Brandi have come from different backgrounds it has enhanced their working partnership by having different aspects of child rearing, disabilities and perceptions making them a great team.

Kris and Brandi reside in Greenbrier, AR with their five children, Emma 16, Will 15, Kate 13 and infant twins Myracle and Chance.  The Shinn’s also have two dogs.

  They are very active in their church, Special Olympics, and their girls activities.  Mr. and Mrs. Shinn both serve on the Community Connections Parent Advisory Board.  In their free time, Kris enjoys playing golf and listening to sports stations while Brandi would prefer shopping, or writing for the blog and website.

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