Out of the mouths of babes

Many years ago, when Kate was little, she hated to go to bed. This isn’t uncommon for many kids I know. But for those of you who know Kate, will easily be able to picture in your mind this event. From her sassy little attitude to the tilting of her head.

Out of The Mouths of BabesIt was a typical night and she is going through the list of things all kids go through to prolong going to bed. From I’m thirsty to the I need to go to the restroom to the come lay down with me mama.  I had been in her room several times already when she called out to me again. This time she pulls on the heart-strings by telling me she is lonely . Who knew a 4-year-old even knew what lonely was…

So as we mama’s do, taking advantage of those learning moments and when we are lucky, even turn them into God Moments. I sit on the bed next to her and I begin telling her that when we have Jesus in our heart we never have to be lonely. He is always with us and we can talk to him at anytime. So for her to be able to talk to Jesus, she seems pleased with my answer. We give hugs and kisses again and I leave once again thinking surely this is the last time.

About ten minutes later she is hollering again. Leaving the living room, I tell Kris, “I am whipping her this time. I will be right back.” and I head to her room…

I get to her room ready to swat her and chastise her in my meanest voice. However, when I get in the door she tells me she has been talking to Jesus. I tell her “that’s great Kate!”

She then proceeds to tell me this… “Jesus told me to tell you that you haven’t been spending enough time with him and that you need to lay down and talk to him.” Wow, what do you say in response to that? I felt like I was slapped right across the face… I sure wasn’t going to argue… So I go to get in the bed with her to lay down and she stops me saying ” no, you can’t lay down there, that is where Jesus is, you have to lay at the foot of the bed”. As I lay at the end of the bed and prayed, I asked God if next time he needed to correct me, couldn’t He use someone else besides my four-year-old!?!?!

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