Surgery, Snow and Strangers

Weeks have passed since I shared One in a Million and Bye Bye Baby so some of you might be wondering how things are going since my surgery.


The night before surgery, the weather forecast was for snow! Not wanting to take any chances of being late, we went to Little Rock to spend the night. I had packed two bags- one for the hospital and one for parents, wanting to pretend I was headed to sunny days, sandy beaches under my toes and umbrellas in my drinks…. Instead of facing my shattered hopes and dreams, and physical pain.

The morning of surgery was just as expected… I was prodded, picked, and pushed on, investigated, and analyzed until finally I was ready to roll. After a moment of prayer with my families and doctor, the last few directives were given to my husband then hugs, kisses, and good byes, I was gone…

The robotic surgery lasted about 2-3 hours. It was successful. Still,  painful emotionally to think they just chop up your womanhood and toss it in a bucket….. But apparently they do. I had a total hysterectomy. So no parts were left.

Post Op Recovery was difficult. Despite the new nausea patch to reduce sickness from the anesthesia, I got sick! I was in recovery for several hours. Placed in a room with an assault victim who had lost her eye and had approximately 75-100 visitors that day. I’m in bed 1 , moaning and groaning, she is in bed 2 conducting interviews and meeting with investigators. It was quiet the scene from what I am told!

Within minutes of coming out of surgery, I demanded they take the catheter out. And they listened!! Go figure! Stupidest thing I could have ever said…. It wasn’t supposed to be removed till morning after surgery. So due to my lack of urinating and continually passing out every time I stood up, I was catheterized at least 2 more times AWAKE… There is nothing more torturous!

At one point, I was told later, that I desperately wanted to wear my new ZEBRA pajamas I had gotten for the hospital… Much to my mothers dismay and perhaps the utter shock of my room mates visitors… I changed…. Yep just right out there in front of everyone… I was too drugged to care; however my mother… Was mortified!!!! Always entertaining even when I am not aware… Lol

My mom spent the night with me so Kris could be home with Will (our son with Autism) as to not upset his routine. The night continued to be rough. However, there was one moment that is going to make you laugh because it is so typical of me and the situations I find myself in.

Around 8:30pm that night a lady, her daughter, and the daughters boyfriend came into my room. They introduce themselves to my mom saying that we work together… The lady then proceeded over to me and kisses my forehead, holds my hand and is wishing me well. She continued visiting with me as I do her.

After about 15 minutes she says, “Well I see they were able to replace your eye?”

I said, “My eye?”

Yes, I see you have your eye back.

Ma’am, I didn’t lose an eye, I had a hysterectomy.

Oh… So you aren’t Kelly?!?

Uh, no ma’am. I am Brandi.

She laughs and said, “Oh, I must have the wrong person!!!

Pretty funny since I had talked to her as well not having a clue who she was… My mother did not find it as funny and posted a note on the door that no visitors were allowed… Feelings of being grounded came into mind as I was receiving the mother glares across the room.

The following morning we were greeted with a snow storm so my doctor was unable to come complete rounds. After the threat of staying an additional night, or going home with a catheter, I had never wanted to go to the bathroom so bad. I now had a clear understanding as to why certain threats work so well with my children and others. When you find something you desperately want but feel it is just out of reach, you will do whatever it takes to get it done to avoid the consequences if it doesn’t. Even if that means sitting in one uncomfortable spot for as long as it takes thinking of waterfalls, rain, boiling water, the ocean, and anything else remotely related… Lol Fortunately, the water thoughts helped and I was released around 4pm that afternoon to head to my parent house for the week.

Stay tuned for more adventures in Part 4: Recouping, Resting & Reflecting.

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