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Hello my fellow warrior moms, dads, grandparents, and caregivers!

Having a child on the spectrum or with special needs is a daunting task in itself, but having a child who is continually growing becomes even a larger issue. My son Will is now as tall as me and weighs only about 25 lbs or so less than me, so we are passed the point of me being able to “handle” him when he is upset, gets aggressive, or just refuses to move, let alone when he is in full MELTDOWN mode.

This point was made clear to me not too long ago when he wanted to participate in a Special Olympics race on the track when it wasn’t his turn yet. He wasn’t having a meltdown, he was just trying to get to the “race” as I was doing my best to hold him back because it wasn’t his turn. I know we have all been there. I am sure you have thought the same thing I have at times, like, “God, couldn’t you have made him a small little weakling instead of giving him the strength of Sampson?

After that particular situation, I really got to thinking about our future and Will’s. After much discussion, research, and deliberation, we decided to get some training. Due to our business and the countless of other parents we know who are walking the same path as us, Kris has gotten his certification to be a “Trainer” in Professional Crisis management.

Professional Crisis Management Trainings

We realized that, like us, many parents need the training and can’t afford to go to another state for several days to become trained.. Not only is it a huge expense, but almost not even feasible for many of us because of our responsibilities for child with special needs.

Now, again, like us, many of you have probably always associated “restraints”, “holdings”, or any other crisis management protocol, as strictly un-allowable… We saw it as being barbaric, unlawful, and harming to our child in many ways. Due to the media and all of the horrible rumors we hear, often involving the death of a child because of “restraint methods”, we have become advocates against any type of crisis management protocol. With that being said…

I want to share some information we discovered while conducting our research.

  1. If a child/adult or anyone involved in a “crisis management” program are physically hurt, they are not doing it correctly. In short, the children and adults who have died at the hands of others while doing restraints, were not following the approved guidelines.
  2. There are many different types of “crisis management” protocols. Many of them, I am sure you have heard of, others maybe not.
  3. The training we chose, Professional Crisis Management (PCM), addresses the behaviors long before it escalates to the full fledged “meltdown” or severe behavior. As a mom, I want my sons behavior to be addressed BEFORE he becomes uncontrollable, not after the point.
  4. Many programs differ in the hours required to become trained. Each program had a wide variety of required hours for training. Some only required a day while others like PCM requires four days of training…. Now, if it was your child, wouldn’t you prefer the teacher, admin, paraprofessional, caregiver to have four days of training before calming and possibly ultimately restraining your child? OR someone with simply one day of training?

Now for the specifics of Professional Crisis Management it is a comprehensive prevention, de-escalation and post crisis intervention system.

  • PCM is dedicated to constantly providing feedback while working toward the least restrictive method needed to keep the individuals (child) in control of their own environment.
  • PCM has 4 levels of instruction which enables us to provide the necessary tools that you or your facility is looking for in a crisis management system.
  • PCM methods are dignified, humane, safe and tested to ensure the safety of all parties concerned.

Now, some of you maybe thinking, “my child is only three, or six or possibly eight, and I can control and handle him.” Well, despite if your child is bigger than you now or not, one day he will be, and as we know, our children are very smart. They can manipulate and play us at any given time.

  • By seeking out this training, you will be learning techniques of safety in order to safely protect yourself, your child and your family.
  • You will learn numerous nonviolent strategies to aid in the calming of your child during the event of a meltdown, a temper tantrum or a hormonal rage.
  • Plus many more behavioral tools.

Although this posts was directed towards parents and the use of PCM in the home, Professional Crisis Management (PCM) is also used in school districts, preschools, therapy centers, residential facilities, and much more. Above All Else Inc, offers training classes several times a year in our office.

Our next scheduled class will be March 14,15,16, 2013. If you are in our area (Greenbrier, Arkansas) and are interested in attending one of our classes, want to schedule a training for your area, or want more information on Professional Crisis Management trainings, please contact us at

501-412-3343; or kris@aboveallelseservices.com.

We would love to hear from you!

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