10 Steps in Avoiding Holiday Upsets in Children

10 Steps in Avoiding Holiday Upsets in Children  The holiday season is upon us, and for those of us who have a child with a disability, suffers from anxiety or sensory sensitivities it can be … [Read more...]

I am a strong person…

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The Field Trip (continued)

Welcome back! In case you missed last week, I shared the 1st half of "field trip day" in a three part series...the successes. You might wanna check it out before you hear the failures ;) After the … [Read more...]

Autism Mamma Success #1

Before I created the Above All Else Services website, I had a blog titled "marriage, makeup, meltdowns, and the maniac".... Although these post are available in the archives of the website, many … [Read more...]

It wasn’t me…..

Do you ever feel like you could be the best at everything.... Be the superwoman you want to be if certain things didn't get in the way??? I'm sure if you are a woman of any age you are shaking your … [Read more...]