Dear couple who befriended my child with autism

Dear couple at the restaurant who befriended my child with autism,   You will never fully understand how your kindness towards myself and my son Will melted my heart. Anytime my family and I are in … [Read more...]

A Halloween Reminder

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We Win: A Father’s Journey through Autism

  Have you heard the good news..... Did you know..... You have the opportunity to get your very own autographed book by Will Shinn..... (if ordered by January 16,2015 On behalf of Above … [Read more...]

Free Apps & Resources for ASD & Special Needs

Above All Else wants to pass along as many resources and information as possible- especially the free kind!!!! These free apps are time sensitive so do not delay!!! Remember to download as soon as … [Read more...]

18 Tips for Teaching Students with Aspergers Continued…..

I hope you found the teacher tips 1-10 of 18 Tips for Teachers of Students with Aspergers to be helpful.  If you have not read them yet please do.  Below you will find teacher tips 11-18. 11. Break … [Read more...]

Survive the 4th of July with Autism

With July 4th this week, I, like most other families, have been in preparation and celebration mode for the upcoming fireworks frenzy. I have been communicating with extended family to confirm … [Read more...]

Create a Safer Home Environment for Special Needs Children

When a family receives a diagnosis of autism, it comes with a huge list of things to do, items to mark off your list and making adjustments to your home often becomes the last thing on your priority … [Read more...]

Autism & Social Skills to Target

One of the core characteristics of Autism is a lack of social skills. Although this is a true deficit, social skills can be learned by those on the spectrum if properly taught. Below is the … [Read more...]

Navigating the Holidays the Autism Way

The holidays are approaching and although it's a festive time filled with lights, elves, well wishing and snow, it is also a time filled with stress, parties, gift giving and over eating. For those of … [Read more...]

When Desperation Overpowers Desire

In September,  a Michigan mom, Kelli Stapleton attempted to kill herself and her 14 year old daughter with autism. As a nation, we stood by in disbelief watching the news reports wondering how ANY … [Read more...]