What Asperger’s Students wish you knew

As part of my job title as an Autism Specialist, I work with many Asperger students as well.  Most of them are very well advanced academically, can function on their own, and look "normal" .  Their … [Read more...]

18 Tips for Teaching Students with Aspergers Continued…..

I hope you found the teacher tips 1-10 of 18 Tips for Teachers of Students with Aspergers to be helpful.  If you have not read them yet please do.  Below you will find teacher tips 11-18. 11. Break … [Read more...]

Strategies for Teaching Students with Aspergers

Although with the recent revisions to the DSM 5 have nullified the diagnosis of Asperger's, the students who have had a prior diagnosis of this are still in existence and will be in your classrooms. … [Read more...]