Six foot tall & 220lbs…. Is this a trick or a treat? What you need to know

Six foot tall & 22o lbs In the very near future you will be greated by the smallest of teenage mutant ninja turtles, the prettiest of princess' and animals galore. You may even be lucky enough to … [Read more...]

If the Shoe Fits & the Broom Flies…..

When my kiddos were little we didn't do much decorating for Halloween holiday.... Having a son with autism and two girls who visit every other weekend does not entice someone to go into decorating … [Read more...]

Survive the 4th of July with Autism

With July 4th this week, I, like most other families, have been in preparation and celebration mode for the upcoming fireworks frenzy. I have been communicating with extended family to confirm … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for Special Needs Children

Yesterday, we talked about the difficulties that may arise during the holidays when trying to find a gift for those you love who have special needs. Homemade gifts were the focus of yesterday's post … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk GIFTS for Special Needs Children

The holidays are quickly approaching and if your family is like mine, you have already begin checking off things on your list, grandparents have already contacted you for sizes, wants and needs... But … [Read more...]