We Win: A Book Review

  I thoroughly enjoyed reading "We Win" by Kris Shinn.  I wish every doctor's office had a copy of it to give away to parents of children diagnosed with autism.  I think it would be a way to … [Read more...]

We Win: A Father’s Journey through Autism

  Have you heard the good news..... Did you know..... You have the opportunity to get your very own autographed book by Will Shinn..... (if ordered by January 16,2015 On behalf of Above … [Read more...]

Top Autism Posts

In honor of Autism Awareness Month,  I wanted to share some of our top posts on Autism..  Many of them are older posts that you may not have read.  Others you may have read but need to reread again or … [Read more...]

Letter to My Son……. We Win!!

Open Letter to My Son.......We Win!!  Wassup big boy???? I am not real sure when you will read this or understand everything I am going to tell you in here. There is a lot I want you to always know, … [Read more...]

{Autism} 10 Coping Skills for Dad

In this journey, life with autism can often be very overwhelming. Although most often the mother is the primary caregiver of the child, we can't forget about the dad's. A dad is just important in the … [Read more...]