Dear couple who befriended my child with autism

Dear couple at the restaurant who befriended my child with autism,   You will never fully understand how your kindness towards myself and my son Will melted my heart. Anytime my family and I are in … [Read more...]

Autism Acceptance: All I needed was a CHANCE…..

In preparation of Autism Awareness Month, I have created a video full of experiences, opportunities, and memories that we have created, shared and often agonized over.... Not to mention the prayers … [Read more...]

Child With Special Needs Quote

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Autism Night Before Christmas

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A-Camp November Newsletter

               Check out the November Newsletter!!!  Will Shinn the super star!!!!The newsletter shares great information, a parent's perspective written by Kris and Brandi, and the impact Will has … [Read more...]

7 Time Change Strategies…..

I realized this week that we gain an extra hour of sleep next weekend as we fall back into daylight savings time.  I couldn't be more excited as a working adult.  However, when you are a parent it … [Read more...]

Can Autism lead to a Divorce Diagnosis?

In past posts, I have shared The Emotional Pitfalls of Autism and The Secret Lives in the World of Autism as well as other aspects of the depths of hardship that families with autism often face. Due … [Read more...]

Top Autism Posts

In honor of Autism Awareness Month,  I wanted to share some of our top posts on Autism..  Many of them are older posts that you may not have read.  Others you may have read but need to reread again or … [Read more...]

Letter to My Son……. We Win!!

Open Letter to My Son.......We Win!!  Wassup big boy???? I am not real sure when you will read this or understand everything I am going to tell you in here. There is a lot I want you to always know, … [Read more...]

The Secret Life in the World of Autism; We will NEVER Share

As the parent of a child with autism, there are many occurrences that happened that are never told. Partly out of embarrassment, partly out of guilt, and the other part- just sheer exhaustion from … [Read more...]