10 Questions to Determine Continued Effectiveness as a Teacher

Staff and teachers, we are entering our fourth week of school since the Christmas holidays. By now, the hiccups of returning back should be over.... However, there maybe some students who are having … [Read more...]

Sensory Smart Snacks

We all know that what we eat is very important to our health. Often times our eating habits can make or break us. Our children are no different; their eating habits can also be very beneficial … [Read more...]

Strategies for Teaching Students with Aspergers

Although with the recent revisions to the DSM 5 have nullified the diagnosis of Asperger's, the students who have had a prior diagnosis of this are still in existence and will be in your classrooms. … [Read more...]

Good Day

[Read more...]

A Sane & Scheduled Summer

For most kids and especially teachers and school personnel, the countdown to summer begins in August when the first week of school is in session. It is the time of year we look forward to all year. … [Read more...]

Steps to Disciplining your Children Effectively

As an autism and behavior specialist who works with children and their families on a daily basis, I often come into contact with parents who are having extreme difficulties with their children of all … [Read more...]

There’s a New Kid in Town {workshop}

Monday July 22, 2013 In our educational system, we are required to provide instruction in many areas and often in a very limited amount of time. Some question if all things required are necessary and … [Read more...]

When Surviving Takes Precedence Over Learning

Wednesday July 17, 2013 Children with attachment disorders or other emotional problems have difficulty connecting to others and managing their own emotions which most often leads to issues controlling … [Read more...]

Don't Die on the Hill when you have Mountains to Climb

We had an issue this week that reminded me of how important it is to pick your battles. When living life with kids in general you are constantly in some sort of battle.... Getting them to bed, … [Read more...]