Welcome to the Shinn Shoppe update

The Shinn Shoppe Did you know that one of the services available through Above All Else is The Shinn Shoppe.....  Although the Shinn Shoppe also has a presence on the website itself, we have found … [Read more...]

Autism Night Before Christmas

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Navigating the Holidays the Autism Way

The holidays are approaching and although it's a festive time filled with lights, elves, well wishing and snow, it is also a time filled with stress, parties, gift giving and over eating. For those of … [Read more...]

Part 1: Easy Come Easy Go: Saying Goodbye one minute and HELLO the next……

Easy Come, Easy Go: Saying Goodbye one minute and Hello the next.... This blog entry will be done in two different parts.... Part 1 will include the highlights of 2012, what we did great, what went … [Read more...]