Fall 2015 Social Skills Class

When attending social gatherings do you find that your child lacks social skills compared to their same age peers?? Do you often find them left alone in social situations because of their lack of … [Read more...]

We Connect Now

The We Connect Now website was created while a college student with a grant to create a website to serve college students with disabilities. Gabriela McCall Delgado developed the website to connect … [Read more...]

Happy Meals & Hormones

Download the registration form here: Happy Meals And Hormones … [Read more...]

Bad Behavior: Ain’t Nobody Got Time for THAT

Bad Behavior 2014 … [Read more...]

8 Steps to help Children understand Disabilities

As a former special education teacher, a mom, and an autism and behavioral specialist, I understand how vital it is for all children to understand disabilities and diverse needs. Although most parents … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for Special Needs Children

Yesterday, we talked about the difficulties that may arise during the holidays when trying to find a gift for those you love who have special needs. Homemade gifts were the focus of yesterday's post … [Read more...]

Our Security Nightmare: Gone Missing

After a stressful night of arguing with Will, my nonverbal pubescent son, he goes missing... As I get to the intersection near our home, I am stopped by the red light. Sitting very impatiently, and … [Read more...]

Our Security Nightmare

Several months ago our family had a horrifying experience. It was one that parents of children with Autism experience often but up until recently we had avoided. But with the onset of puberty, we are … [Read more...]

Stimming 101: Part 3 What to DO….

Welcome back to part 3 of Stimming 101: What to do... If you have not read Stimming 101 or Stimming 101: Our Experience, the two previous posts on stimming, I would recommend doing so. It will make … [Read more...]

Even kids with disabilities GROW UP and become adults

Having a child with special needs is a challenge in many ways, despite what the particular "special need" might be. Families with special need children are often put to the test more often than they … [Read more...]