Oh the POWER of the Spoon

This post is a compilation of an earlier post made before we had launched the new website... Many additional scenarios have taken place since the original post so I wanted to update you regarding the … [Read more...]

Steps to Disciplining your Children Effectively

As an autism and behavior specialist who works with children and their families on a daily basis, I often come into contact with parents who are having extreme difficulties with their children of all … [Read more...]

Angry Kids: What Not to Do……..

Angry Kids: What NOT to Do..... 1. Do Not Engage in a Power Struggle: Children who are experiencing high levels of anger are in a fight or flight mode. By continuing to engage with the child you … [Read more...]

When Surviving Takes Precedence Over Learning

Wednesday July 17, 2013 Children with attachment disorders or other emotional problems have difficulty connecting to others and managing their own emotions which most often leads to issues controlling … [Read more...]