New Meaning for “Morning Happy Hour”

Some times I think we get so exhausted that things happen as though we are having an outer body experience. Here is one of mine... 6AM on a normal weekday morning on my way to work- Sonic: … [Read more...]

Summer Workshops

I know there are many of you out there who are not in close enough proximity to come to some of our workshops but we have several happening around the state, not just at our Greenbrier offices. To … [Read more...]

Three Kids plus Three Dogs plus one man and one woman plus ONE Big GOD equals 9 YEARS…

Tomorrow Kris and I will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. We were married on June 19, 2004 on a Saturday evening at 6:00pm. Much to my dismay it begin to storm like crazy about 5:30pm. … [Read more...]

One Behavior, Two Behaviors, Three…, Four….

Thursday August 1, 2013 Our schools are seeing more and more behavioral incidents, disregard for authority and a sheer lack of responsibility in our children or students than ever before. This … [Read more...]

There’s a New Kid in Town {workshop}

Monday July 22, 2013 In our educational system, we are required to provide instruction in many areas and often in a very limited amount of time. Some question if all things required are necessary and … [Read more...]