Out of the mouths of babes

Many years ago, when Kate was little, she hated to go to bed. This isn't uncommon for many kids I know. But for those of you who know Kate, will easily be able to picture in your mind this event. From … [Read more...]


Over the past few weeks on facebook everyone has been listing their daily "I am thankful".... I am not on facebook enough to write one everyday, So I decided to compile one list.. Here goes.... Here … [Read more...]

Easter: Religious vs World, Why we choose to celebrate both

Good Morning......  Will is out of school today for Good Friday so I am off work and we are hanging out and I am preparing for a busy weekend of family, friends, and the celebration of Easter.  We … [Read more...]

It only takes a little……

Yesterday I was looking through some papers for something and got a paper cut underneath my nail on the tip of my pointer finger on my left hand. It hurt but bleed more than anything, you would have … [Read more...]