Free Apps Part 2!!!

Here are some more free apps!  Get them while you can. Discovering Emotions with Zeely - Educational Tool for Learning Emotions - Give Me 5!!!!! Social Skills - … [Read more...]

Child With Special Needs Quote

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Back to School Books for Students

Preparing for the first day back to school can be quite overwhelming for many children. For some it maybe due to their resistance to change, for others it could be the anxiety of a new teacher, … [Read more...]

Steps to Starting the New School Year Right

Parents of all children start the school year off with anticipation, excitement and possibly a little fear. Many of us are saddened by the fact that are children are getting older and will be leaving … [Read more...]

Create a Safer Home Environment for Special Needs Children

When a family receives a diagnosis of autism, it comes with a huge list of things to do, items to mark off your list and making adjustments to your home often becomes the last thing on your priority … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for Special Needs Children

Yesterday, we talked about the difficulties that may arise during the holidays when trying to find a gift for those you love who have special needs. Homemade gifts were the focus of yesterday's post … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Limit Danger

I just wrapped up “Our Security Nightmare” story about our  Autistic teenage son eloping. If you are just now checking us out and you have missed it, there are three parts in the series; I highly … [Read more...]

Social Skills: How to Teach a Child to be Angry (and sin not)

This is the 3rd installment of the Social Skills series. If you have not read the previous two, I would encourage you to do so HERE and HERE. As humans we all experience moments of anger. … [Read more...]

Save your Summer & your Sanity

And although we look forward to this time every year, it sometimes becomes quite stressful keeping our kids entertained without breaking the bank. I have posted some of the suggestions in the … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day my love!! Thank you for sharing your children with me and making me their mama!!! We love you...... … [Read more...]