Safety Tips

Here are some very important things to be mindful of!  Hope ya'll find this helpful. … [Read more...]

Create a Safer Home Environment for Special Needs Children

When a family receives a diagnosis of autism, it comes with a huge list of things to do, items to mark off your list and making adjustments to your home often becomes the last thing on your priority … [Read more...]

Special Needs Children: Helpful Hints for a Happy Halloween

Halloween is just upon us.  We will be flooded with decorations, excessive amounts of spooky decorations, candy corn, and costumes.  Many children with special needs, especially those with Autism DO … [Read more...]

Part 2: Our Security Nightmare: Keeping our Child Safe!!!

Once Will was safely tucked away in his bed in our home, Kris immediately jumped into the "fixer" mode. You all know how men are and especially men who are Dad's. If there's a problem, Dad is going to … [Read more...]