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sometimes you get so tired…

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New Meaning for “Morning Happy Hour”

Some times I think we get so exhausted that things happen as though we are having an outer body experience. Here is one of mine... 6AM on a normal weekday morning on my way to work- Sonic: … [Read more...]

The Field Trip (continued)

Welcome back! In case you missed last week, I shared the 1st half of "field trip day" in a three part series...the successes. You might wanna check it out before you hear the failures ;) After the … [Read more...]

Autism Mamma Success #1

Before I created the Above All Else Services website, I had a blog titled "marriage, makeup, meltdowns, and the maniac".... Although these post are available in the archives of the website, many … [Read more...]

Stimming 101: Part 3 What to DO….

Welcome back to part 3 of Stimming 101: What to do... If you have not read Stimming 101 or Stimming 101: Our Experience, the two previous posts on stimming, I would recommend doing so. It will make … [Read more...]

Regular moms versus special needs moms, mother’s day at One Place for Special Needs

Regular moms versus special needs moms, mother's day at One Place for Special Needs. … [Read more...]

Dear Society……. I need you to know……

Kris and I have people ask us all the time what it is like to have a child with special needs. Most often, we lie. Yes, you heard me correctly...... We lie.... We say things like, oh it's a little … [Read more...]

Forty one lessons learned in forty one years…….

In honor of my birthday today, I thought I would share some of the knowledge I have learned over the past "forty-one years". Despite my several degrees and all the money spent collectively by my … [Read more...]

Staying Alive

First let me apologize for not writing sooner. But as my title states, I have just been trying to stay alive. My jobs have been keeping me extremely busy, Will has had a some behavior issues at school … [Read more...]