Fall 2015 Social Skills Class

When attending social gatherings do you find that your child lacks social skills compared to their same age peers?? Do you often find them left alone in social situations because of their lack of … [Read more...]

Autism & Social Skills to Target

One of the core characteristics of Autism is a lack of social skills. Although this is a true deficit, social skills can be learned by those on the spectrum if properly taught. Below is the … [Read more...]

Social Skills: Teaching In Everyday Moments

This is part 2 of Social Skills to target in ASD children: How to use everyday moments to teach social skills to ASD children. Find part 1 HERE. As part of the basic social skills required, it is … [Read more...]

Teaching Your Child to be Socially Savy

If you have recently been in public for any length of time I am sure you have seen behaviors in children, and adults alike, that are less than appropriate. I am a self diagnosed "people watcher". I … [Read more...]