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Do you have a 3rd-8th grader, who lives in the Malvern, Arkadelphia, Benton, or Hot Springs, Arkansas???  Does he or she seem to lack age appropriate social skills? Perhaps has difficulty making … [Read more...]

Our Security Nightmare: Gone Missing

After a stressful night of arguing with Will, my nonverbal pubescent son, he goes missing... As I get to the intersection near our home, I am stopped by the red light. Sitting very impatiently, and … [Read more...]

Our Security Nightmare

Several months ago our family had a horrifying experience. It was one that parents of children with Autism experience often but up until recently we had avoided. But with the onset of puberty, we are … [Read more...]

A Sane & Scheduled Summer

For most kids and especially teachers and school personnel, the countdown to summer begins in August when the first week of school is in session. It is the time of year we look forward to all year. … [Read more...]

Super-woman, Super Mama, Step-Mama..Is it really possible???

  Like all parents know, parenting is a difficult job, I tend to think it is the most difficult job ever.  Unfortunately, children do not come with a manual, a guideline, or even the simplest of … [Read more...]

Teaching Your Child to be Socially Savy

If you have recently been in public for any length of time I am sure you have seen behaviors in children, and adults alike, that are less than appropriate. I am a self diagnosed "people watcher". I … [Read more...]

Even kids with disabilities GROW UP and become adults

Having a child with special needs is a challenge in many ways, despite what the particular "special need" might be. Families with special need children are often put to the test more often than they … [Read more...]

Welcome Summer 2012

Greetings!!!!  Sorry it has been quite some time since I have updated the blog...  Things have been extrememly busy for the Shinn's.  I am going to catch you all up on or happenings, one person at a … [Read more...]

Gone to Quick: Spring Break 2012

Spring Break came and was gone in the blink of an eye. It is amazing how some weeks seem to last forever, you know the ones, where we work like dogs and can't wait for a break while weeks like Spring … [Read more...]