Mr. Shinn has worked for Above All Else Inc. since the fall of 2012. His classes have been well attended and highly recommended.  Here are just a few things people are saying…. 

Mr. Shinn’s classes are a must for all teachers and parents

– Ashley, Parent

Brandi & Kris understand that there is a clinical and educational component but also that at the end of the day we have to figure out how to live in the real world with kids who really don’t care about our world.  We feel fortunate to be able to work with Above All Else and know that there is always open communication with the ultimate goal to help families navigate a sometimes unlivable existence.

Brandi & Kris’ honesty, compassion, and passion for special needs shines through in all they do and we are grateful to have them in our lives.

P.T. & Christy Plunkett, Mena, AR

…these classes give a different perspective than most others.

– Randalyn, Middle School Teacher

Mr. Shinn, makes the class very comfortable and easy to learn

-John, Elementary Principal

Mr. Kris is a great teacher, a lovable man, and relates well to others.

-Missie, Paraprofessional

Very effective instructor.

– Caroline, Elementary School Principal

Being a father of a special needs child , his heart is in this course.

-Michelle, Middle School Asst. Principal

Kris is extremely knowledgeable.

– Susan, Elementary

He has experience not just theory.

– Jessica, Psychological Specialist

Having a parent of a child with a sever disability provides a level of understanding which really increases the validity of what is being taught.

– Benny, LEA

Best instructor, period….

-Tommy, High School Paraprofessional

This training makes me think that no matter WHAT we are doing, we always TEACHING.

-Debbie, Special Ed Teacher

10+ on a scale of 1-10

– Brian, Elementary\ Middle School ALE

General Education teachers would greatly benefit from this class.

– Tat, Special Education Teacher

Enjoyed the real life application examples, Mr. Shinn brought the information to life.

-Jessica, Teacher

I enjoyed the examples/stories given. It gives me hope for the Future.

-Alicia, Special Education Teacher

Here are some quotes from those who have attended Kris’ classes:

“Kris Shinn gives great insight to the program.” -R Harrison

“Great Instructor!” -Diane C

“He is very knowledgeable…provides personal understanding.”  -Bethany S

“He’s passionate and personal. GREAT!” -Carol S

“I think Kris Shinn does a great job!” -Blair P

“He is awesome!” -Amy C

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