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Dear Jesus,
Each day seems so big while I feel so little. My heart and soul are suffocating with the weight and worries of this world. My shoulders are crumbling under the pressure from carrying burdens I am just too weak to bare. My life is overwhelmed with stuff- yet I ache with the sadness of an isolated soul.

I cant seem to think past this very moment much less plan for the hour, day or week. This moment in time alone seems to threaten my very being from survival.

I continually tell myself I have been here before- to just breathe…. Breathe cause everything will be okay. To remind myself that I have made it through times like this before…. Times of disappointment, anxiety, failure, depression, isolation and pain…. Life has thrown so many things at me and yet WE have handled them all….. Remind me Lord that you have this time covered too…..

Help me to see that the struggles are part of my life process. Help me to trust in you as you shape and mold me for tomorrow… Do not let me give up. Bring to my remembrance my hope is in you…. and YOU alone….. For it is you I breathe and have my being….

I need to know this is part of my story…. The story you have written for me…. That every minute of every day is an intricate part of my story…. A story specifically created for me….

Do not allow me to let the devils lies consume me…. I so easily can fall prey to his tactics. May I believe that my life does have purpose and you have things for me to do….. Help me believe the TRUTH…. The truth about who I am and who I belong too…. That I am a Child of the KING… Help me see that I am loved, accepted, and treasured.

I need for you Oh Lord, to fill me with your love, grace and peace, To comfort me on my worst of days when I dont feel worthy of your mercy or presence. Please breathe for me…. Inhale for me and exhale over me…. But most importantly I want you to breathe through me revealing your presence and glory, even during my most difficult times so that others may find hope in you….

Your Struggling Daughter, brandi


If you are struggling like I am and have been….  Music touches my heart soul like words never can……  Here are a few of my favorites that I found comfort in, along with providing courage and faith to make it to the next day…..  I pray you will find the peace you need, the thing your soul longs for.  May God wrap his loving arms around you….


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  1. This prayer is so beautiful. I can totally relate to every word. I am a grandmother rasing an autistic grandchild. She is so precious and I love her with all my being. You already know what we experience every day. She is high end and smart but it has become my whole life. .THANK you for sharing the music and the prayer.

    • Thank you Ms. Murray. I appreciate you letting me know. Yes, the are beautiful children although sometimes more difficult than others but well worth it for sure. I am so glad you enjoyed…. Brandi

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