We Win: A Father’s Journey through Autism


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You have the opportunity to get your very own autographed book by Will Shinn….. (if ordered by January 16,2015

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On behalf of Above All Else Inc. and myself,

we are happy to announce the release of Kris’  first book….


A Fathers Journey through Autism

The publication of this heartfelt journey is a very exciting time for us. I hope it offers hope to a multitude of  people who have are walking this walk with us, and those who may one day walk the road we have walked. 

Our prayer is that it will give others insight into where we have been as well as where we are going. We want to provide families like ours especially Dad’s the strength, hope, and guidance to make it through this journey called “autism”.   

Although you may think this book would not apply to you, because you don’t have a child with autism, I beg to differ.  This book fully embodies the undying strength and hope it takes to surpass any type of obstacle.  The writers life obstacle just happens to be a son with autism.  Everyone faces some obstacle in life, “We Win…….” is a true story filled with raw emotions, pain as well as finding joy in the smallest of things and giving thanks when it is deserved….  A true winner for everyone.

Cost of the book is $16.00 To order  “We Win, A Father’s Journey through Autism” please send the following information:

*total order of books 

*shipping address

to: contact us

Upon receipt of order, you will receive an invoice payable through debit or credit card. 

To download for kindle click here:

From Kris: “Thank you in advance for making my dream of sharing my journey into a reality!!! Please share this announcement with your family, friends and co-workers. My goal for this book is to touch as many lives as possible” … 

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